Terms & Conditions

Your DDMIX licence is EXCLUSIVE to you. It cannot be transferred or used by anyone else.

The title, music, videos, log in to the site and everything belonging to DDMIX are only to be used by you, the qualified, licenced DDMIX instructor.

Anyone who is not a licenced DDMIX instructor is not permitted to instruct a DDMIX class, or to use any DDMIX material.
If you require cover, you must contact other licensed DDMIX instructors. Teaching assistants, students or any other
individual are not permitted to use any DDMIX material under your name.

Your DDMIX licence/membership with automatically renew after each payment has been received.
The annual DDMIX Licence Fee is £100 per annum or £10 per month as of January 2021.

It is the DDMIX instructors responsibility to ensure that your payment method along with email account information is kept up to date.

If any payment is missed, DDMIX will attempt to contact you for up to 4 weeks after a missed payment in order to rectify
any issues.

Cancellation Policy
– You may cancel your DDMIX licence/membership at any time by letting the DDMIX team know and
cancelling your standing order.
If you wish to return to the DDMIX Instructor team after cancellation the following options are available to you:
• If less than 6 months you must contact the DDMIX team and gain approval from Head Office.
• If more than 6 months you will need to take and successfully pass the online instructor training course (at a
discounted rate of £50).

For any medical or personal issues that may lead to needing to freeze your licence agreement, you will need to
contact the DDMIX team directly and provide evidence. This decision will be at the discretion of the DDMIX team.
All licenced DDMIX instructors are expected to adhere to the code of conduct and terms and conditions as set out
on the website and your manuals.

The DDMIX team reserve the right to ensure this licence agreement is being upheld by its members, and anyone not
doing so may be prosecuted.

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